Oinc Oink Rhostio Moch Hog Roast

Why not treat yourself and your guests to the best Welsh Hog Roasts you’ll ever taste!

Welsh Pigs provide very good meat! Very tender yet very lean pork with an average fat layer of 8mm? ensuring our crackling is mouthwateringly light, crisp & crunchy and not dripping in fat yet full of savoury flavour We also supply our own range of quality Pedigree Pork products, including a wide range of cuts of Pork, Artisan Sausages, Burgers and Charcuterie. Please get in touch if you're interested in discussing our full range We're a family-run business aiming to provide a second-to-none quality service to you, ensuring you and your guests can relax and enjoy your special event with peace of mind!